University of Nebraska Medical Center


The UNMC Family Medicine Residency program and Family Medicine Residency Clinic at the Ehrling Bergquist Clinic offers several MS3 and MS4 rotations. They are challenging and rewarding, both in the ambulatory setting and the inpatient and labor & delivery setting.

Clerkship Opportunities


Who do I report to when I arrive? Where do I arrive on my first day? What time do I report on my first day?

On your first day we ask that you show up at the front desk of the FMR clinic at 0730. Let the clerk know that you are a medical student and ask for the residency coordinator. You will need a military ID card to get on the clinic grounds, otherwise, you need to be escorted. Please coordinate with us if you do not have an ID card.

*Note that the Ehrling Bergquist Clinic is not on base. It is located on the corner of 25th and Capehart Road in Bellevue.

What is my uniform?

While in clinic, UOD is ABUs for the Air Force (ACUs or utility uniform for other services).

While at Nebraska Medicine - Bellevue, UOD is business casual with comfortable shoes that cover your toes and your white coat while on inpatient. On L&D, UOD is hospital scrubs and your white coat, and again comfortable shoes that cover your toes. You will obtain scrubs at the hospital when needed. You are not allowed to wear scrubs while in clinic, and you are not allowed to enter or exit the clinic in anything but your military uniform of the day.

What is my uniform when I interview for a residency position?
Your service dress uniform should be worn while interviewing for a training position in the residency program.