Strategic Planning

Each fall, we gather as part of an active and dynamic planning process to assess our strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats that could affect our units and their work to support UNMC's mission and goals.

These factors are gathered and considered at an annual strategic planning meeting, where changes are considered to strategies for the coming year. Those recommendations are reviewed in developing a roster of strategies for the coming year.

After approval by senior leadership, the revised Strategic Plan is made available to all UNMC faculty, staff and trainees for review and input.

Final approval of the revised Strategic Plan is completed by March 1, providing the basis for each UNMC unit to develop initiatives in support of the plan's eight goals. 


8 Strategic Goals

Our strategic plan is organized by eight goals and the initiatives through which we plan to achieve those goals.

Goal 1: Educational learner focus

Establish UNMC and its educational programs as the most learner-centered university in health professions, biomedical and interprofessional education.

Goal 2: Research scope and prominence

Expand the research scope and achieve global prominence, and impact of UNMC as a top tier academic health sciences center.

Goal 3: Clinical excellence

Continually build upon the existing clinical excellence of UNMC and our clinical partners as an academic health system that provides the highest-quality care and caring, recognized for outstanding patient outcomes, and compassionate, patient-centered care.

Goal 4: Community engagement

Provide a healthier future for all Nebraska communities through increased community engagement.

Goal 5: Inclusion and belonging

Ensure that UNMC is a welcoming organization in its mission of transforming lives through preeminent education, innovative research, and extraordinary clinical care.

Goal 6: Economic development

Expand the breadth and depth of the regional and global economic impact of UNMC's educational, research and clinical programs.

Goal 7: Organizational culture
Strengthen faculty, student and employee loyalty, satisfaction and wellness by enhancing organizational programs and culture.
Goal 8: Organizational leadership
Ensure exemplary organizational leadership and management for all the UNMC mission-driven strategic goals and initiatives.