University of Nebraska Medical Center


Level 1 of the Davis Global Center features 3D, holographic and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) technology to enhance education by providing unique experiential learning opportunities.

iEXCEL visualization technology on the first level of the Davis Global Center


Learning technologies include 3D CADWalls, 2D interactive digital iWalls, a holographic theater, head-mounted displays and a 5-sided laser-CAVE immersive environment.


The Davis Global Center Atrium

The Davis Global Center Atrium is directly adjacent to the North Entrance across from the Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science (MSC). The three-story ceilings command your attention as you enter into the Davis Global Center. This space features our SONY Infinity Wall, the largest CLED SONY Wall in the western hemisphere.

This wall serves as an anchor to the entire building, showcasing the caliber of innovation offered throughout. The SONY Wall has various features including video streaming, digital asset showcasing, presentation capabilities and more.


  • SONY Infinity Wall
  • MultiTaction Wall (6-Panel)
  • Donor Recognition Wall
  • Wayfinding Screen
  • Holographic Pop 3's
Holographic Production

Holographic Theater (1032)

The holographic theater is a multi-purpose venue with the centerpiece being the holographic stage. A hologram is created through an illusion called Pepper's Ghost. First created in the mid-1800s, this technique has become a staple on stage, at amusement parks and is the basis for the modern teleprompter. What makes this theater unique is that until recently, it has been unfeasible to project an image both large enough and bright enough for realistic imagery.

To accomplish this, the theater has two 16 feet by nine feet 4K LED screens. One screen projects an image onto a state-of-the-art transparent foil which is positioned eight feet in front of the other LED screen. Because the foil is both reflective and transparent, the audience can see both images combined which creates an effective holographic effect.

The audience can also be positioned towards two large wall-mounted LED displays which are perfect for large group presentations hosted both in the theater and through the use of three zoom connected pan/tilt motorized cameras.

Editing Room (1045)

Filming Studio (1046)

Augmented Reality

3D Immersive Lab 1 (1043)

The 6-Panel CADWall is an active 3D display with motion capture to allow for users to interact with content on the wall. The smaller size allows for a single user or for smaller groups to collaborate together. Users wear 3D glasses that are tracked by infrared cameras set above the wall. This allows your 3D experience to be catered to your alignment with the wall.

3D Immersive Lab 2 (1047)

The Large Curved CADWall is an active 3D display with motion capture to allow for a user to interact with content on the wall. The large size allows for presentations to large groups led by an instructor. Users wear 3D glasses that are tracked by infrared cameras set above the wall. This allows your 3D experience to be catered to your alignment with the wall.

Virtual Reality

Laser CAVE 5 (1035)

The Laser CAVE 5 is the first of its kind worldwide. This CAVE is 3D laser projected by some of the world’s strongest projectors onto five walls: floor, ceiling and three sides. This immersive environment allows a single user to learn and interact in Virtual Reality (VR). A single user will remove shoes to use this technology. Additionally, eight swiveling chairs are placed outside the CAVE to allow learners to observe the perspective of the user via an adjacent monitor.

Virtual Reality Innovation Academy (1037)

The Virtual Reality Innovation Academy is housed on Level 1 of the Davis Global Center. This interactive classroom promotes team collaboration and accommodates up to 21 students. The academy also is equipped with its own private breakroom, collaboration space, lockers and terrace.

Technology Innovation Labs

Technology Innovation Lab I (1039)

This space houses a 12-Panel MultiTaction wall, making it the second-largest of this technology on the Omaha campus. Users can practice privately in small groups or work directly with faculty members in the space. The MultiTaction has real-time connection capabilities with the additional walls in the Davis Global Center and MultiTaction walls throughout the state.

Technology Innovation Lab II (1042)

This space has several different pieces of technology offered within. These resources cater to individual hands-on learning. The physical environment of this room promotes interactive collaboration through different iterations of Augmented Reality (AR).

iEXCEL Helix

iEXCEL Helix

The iEXCEL Helix is the largest MultiTaction technology inside the Davis Global Center. This space includes 30 individual interactive touch panels in a 270-degree environment. This technology allows its users to connect to the various MultiTaction walls across the state.

Once connected, you are able to interact in real time through video and audio-conferencing capabilities. The MultiTaction wall promotes group and experiential learning. It also provides custom content sets that can be created and assigned to individuals by using Codice markers. This feature allows users to customize their content prior to using the technology.