University of Nebraska Medical Center

Content Development

The iEXCEL Visualization team develops interactive educational applications for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Web, Mobile, Stereoscopic 3D and Holographic platforms.

We work with subject matter experts from Academic, Business and Government entities to improve outcomes in medical fields and beyond.

Who We Are

The iEXCEL Visualization team consists of artists, animators and programmers with skillsets that include 3D modeling, medical illustration, 3D/VR programming, animation, rigging, look development, graphic design, UI/UX, motion graphics and holographic/video production.

iEXCEL Visualization Demo Reel

How We Work

Visualization content development process.

Planning Phase
Submit a project proposal and meet with the Visualization Team to initiate project planning. Share ideas and collaborate to begin the creative process. iEXCEL reviews the project proposal and considers the current workload and if accepted, the project is initiated.
Script and Storyboard Phase
Upon project approval, work with the Visualization team to draft a script. The Visualization team creates a storyboard to develop visual elements of the project, helping communicate the look and feel of the project. This helps confirm the visual language and style of the deliverable so that all parties are in agreement.
Development Phase
Project planning becomes reality. Modeling, animation, programming and other tasks are committed and Subject Matter Experts provide feedback and guidance to ensure scientific accuracy.
Prototype Phase
A preliminary version of the end product is created and shared with stakeholders. Subject Matter Experts, along with potential users and development team members, test the project and provide final feedback before completion.
Completion occurs when all project goals are met and the project request is fulfilled. The project is deployed to the requested platform.