University of Nebraska Medical Center

Visualization Portfolio

The work below are snapshot samples of projects that the iEXCEL Visualization Team is developing. An enhanced portfolio is in development.

3D Models

The iEXCEL visualization team has a large library of custom made, anatomical and medically related 3D assets.

Co-Presentation of CReRAA and PLSVC



Virtual Reality (VR)

Simulated, virtual environments, designed for medical education to improve patient outcomes.

3D Anatomy Suite: Highly accurate anatomical models that can be dissected, labeled and manipulated in 3D space.

Pill Box VR: Virtual pill sorting application with customizable type, volume and correct/incorrect dosage.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Simulations that place virtual objects into real space. Platforms include mobile and Hololens.

AR Anatomy: Marker triggered 3D augmented reality anatomical models

Virtual crash cart – Interact with Crash Cart equipment in 3D augmented reality.