Rooms & Equipment

Opened in 2020 the Davis Global Center Simulation spaces consist of the Jeffrey P. Gold, MD Virtual Hospital, Home Care Unit and Simulation Ambulance. The center offers various equipment and modalities providing a unique blend of innovative learning. 

Clinical Lab Simulation

Jeffrey P. Gold, MD Virtual Hospital  

Opened in 2020, the second floor features:

  • 3 Procedural Skills Labs
  • 2 Acute Care Rooms
  • 2 Bio Containment Patient Rooms
  • 2 ICU Rooms
  • 2 Large Pre-Briefing Rooms
  • Advanced multimedia and recording capabilities 
  • Ambulatory Exam Room
  • Debriefing Rooms- each simulation room comes with an attached debriefing room
  • Emergency Room
  • Full-size Operating Room
  • Imaging and Therapies Suite
  • Interprofessional Collaboration Room
  • Interventional Training Lab
  • Labor and Delivery Suite
  • Pediatric Care Room
  • Trauma Unit
  • Triage
Simulation Equipment and Modalities  

Human Patient Simulators – A life-sized human like simulator representing a patient. The simulators breathe, have breath sounds, heart tones, and palpable pulses. The Davis Global Center is home to adult, pediatric, trauma, obstetric and neonatal simulators. Each simulator has a monitor that can display vital signs including, blood pressure, pulse oximeter, and EKGs.

Task Trainers – A model that represents a part or region of the human body used to train in key elements of a procedure or skill, such as lumbar puncture, chest tube insertion, and central line insertion. Below are some of the task trainers available in the Davis Global Center.

Adult IV Arms
Airway Management Trainers
Arthrocentesis Trainers
Arterial Blood Gas Trainer
Arterial Line Simulator
Birthing Torso
Catheterization Trainers
Central Line Insertion Trainer
Eye Examination Simulator

Lumbar Puncture (Adult and Infant)
NG Tube Insertion Trainer
OtoSim (otoscopy simulation trainer)
Paracentesis Trainer
Pediatric IV Arm
Thoracentesis Trainer
Trauma Child
Trauma Man
Vascular Access Child

Virtual Reality Simulators – The Interventional Skills Lab houses several virtual reality (VR) simulators.
BodyWorks Eve - simulator designed for interactive Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) scenario training.
GI Mentor - endoscopic medical simulator for the training of gastrointestinal upper and lower endoscopic procedures
HeartWorks - contains an anatomically correct, virtual, beating 3D heart to aid teaching of cardiac anatomy and manikin-based simulation in echocardiography.
ScanTrainer -learners can practice basic and advanced ultrasound scanning skills. Offers a cloud-based library of over 500 normal and abnormal cases.
U\S Mentor - high-end medical simulator used for the training of ultrasound-related examinations and interventions. Examinations include a FAST exam, TEE, abdominal, 1st and 2nd trimester, etc.
For questions or more information regarding the simulation equipment please contact Samantha Rogers.

Standardized Patients Simulation - This involves the use of individuals trained to play the roles of patients, family members, or others to allow students to practice physical exam skills, history taking skills, communication skills, and other exercises. 
Additional Simulation Spaces  
Home Care Unit   sim-ambulance

Home Care Unit - located on the lower level of the Davis Global Center. The home care unit features an upstairs bedroom, kitchen, living and dining room, bathroom and basement.


Ambulance - located outside the homecare unit on the lower level of the Davis Global Center.

Sorrell Clinical Simulation Lab    
Sorrell Clinical Simulation Lab