University of Nebraska Medical Center

Cardiovascular Biobank

The Nebraska Cardiovascular Biobank and Registry collects, preserves, and stores blood and tissue samples from cardiovascular patients.

Specimens are made available under a single IRB protocol and provided to investigators as either identified or de-identified samples through an honest broker.

Currently, the Nebraska Cardiovascular BioBank and Registry contains more than 51,000 unique identified archived samples collected from more than 1,940 patients.

Download a description of the Biobank Workflow, the IRB process, and how to access samples.

Expedited IRB Process:

If you are a CVM faculty member interested in engaging in human subjects research, please reach out to Dr. Anderson prior to starting a new IRB application. In some cases, a new IRB will not be required. If a new IRB is required, the Biobank and Heart and Vascular Clinical Research office staff will provide expertise and template language, simplifying the IRB application process.