University of Nebraska Medical Center

CardiOmics Program

The Center for Heart and Vascular Research’s CardiOmics Program develops and applies advanced mass spectrometry technologies to enable deeper understanding of mechanisms of injury and disease, provide better diagnostic and prognostic tools, and promote the translation of basic research into improved clinical cardiovascular care. 

Our Mission:
To catalyze state-of-the-art interdisciplinary cardiovascular research, foster technology development, provide education regarding the applications of mass spectrometry in modern cardiovascular research, and drive the generation of new knowledge that will impact cardiovascular medicine and patient care.
Operational Model:
The Program operates under a collaborative model where we work together with Investigators in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, CHVR, and across UNMC. We contribute scientific input to the design, execution, and analysis of all projects we engage in to ensure that the approaches best suited to each individual project are developed and implemented.