University of Nebraska Medical Center

The Advent of AI in Healthcare Visualization at iEXCEL

Paul Dye, MSEd
Dheeraj Varandani, MS

This presentation explores the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool in the generation of medical visualization. iEXCEL Visualization utilizes AI to increase efficiency in identifying and isolating anatomical structures in DICOM data and to streamline visualization production pipelines.

Methods include the implementation of tools with embedded AI for segmentation, trained on CT and MRI datasets for anatomical identification and use of Generative AI in writing code.

Benefits include improved segmentation efficiency and enhancements in 3D modeling, storyboard refinement and AI upscaling of visualizations.

iEXCEL Visualization recognizes the potential of using AI as tool to enhance healthcare simulations, telemedicine and patient care, while also emphasizing the need for careful consideration of issues such as scientific accuracy of AI based medical visualization and ethical concerns.