Faculty and Staff Directory

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Laura Bashus - Administration  


Laura Bashus
Business Operations Administrator

I oversee the library's business operations, which includes finance and administration. My role and responsibilities intersect with all aspects of the library in some way, and my overarching goal is to help ensure that all units have the resources needed to progress forward.

Alison Bobal - Collection Development and Metadata  

alisonbobal.jpgAlison Bobal - Bio
Head of Collection Development and Metadata
Associate Professor
Collection Development and Metadata

I manage the selection, acquisition, and assessment of resources that serve the educational and research needs of the UNMC campus community.

Heather L. Brown - Education and Research Services  

HeatherBrown.jpgHeather L. Brown, MA - Bio
Scholarly Communications Librarian
Head of Interlibrary Loan
Associate Professor
Education and Research Services

I lead and oversee scholarly communications initiatives, such as copyright instruction, open access, and other publishing issues, as well as administer our institutional repository DigitalCommons@UNMC. Additionally, I supervise the interlibrary loan department.


Sue Clark - Special Collections and Archives  

SueClark.jpgSue Clark, BA
Library Technician II
Special Collections and Archives

I scan UNMC archival materials that are made accessible for the UNMC community and researchers around the world. I also facilitate the binding of graduate students’ completed dissertations and theses.

Kiara Comfort - Education and Research Services  

Kiara Comfort, MLIS
Community Outreach and Health Systems Librarian
Assistant Professor

Mary DeSive - Administration  

MaryDeSive.jpgMary DeSive, BA
Accounting/Office Associate

I support the library staff by making sure bills are paid, supplies are ordered, time is tracked, and generally help to make sure things are running smoothly.

Stuart K. Dayton - Graphic Design  

StuartDayton.jpgStuart K. Dayton, BFA, MS, MFA - Bio
Graphic Designer
Assistant Professor
Graphic Design

I provide graphic support to all library faculty and staff for both print and online visuals.

Emily Glenn - Education and Research Services  

EmilyGlenn.jpgEmily Glenn, MSLS - Bio
Associate Dean
Associate Professor
Education and Research Services

I guide Education and Research Services team members in developing liaison relationships and providing instruction and research support to UNMC colleges and units. I lead the library's Technology team in providing desktop support, 3D printing services, makerspace management, and overall visioning and execution of IT-related projects in collaboration with campus partners.

Kelly Gonzalez - Education and Research Services  

02_27_2020KellyGonzalez018.jpgKelly Gonzalez, MMH
Library Technician III
Education and Research Services

I facilitate library access to materials and services and am often the first face that greets the UNMC community when they engage the library.

Marina Hardy  
Marina Hardy
Student Worker
Kimberly Harp - Education and Research Services  

KimHarp.jpgKimberly Harp, MLS - Bio
Education and Research Services Librarian, Nursing Liaison
Assistant Professor
Education and Research Services

I assist library patrons and UNMC students and faculty in learning in-depth research skills and evidence-based practice research skills to help inform the future of healthcare.

Teresa (Teri) Hartman - Education and Research Services  

TeriHartman.jpgTeresa (Teri) Hartman, MLS - Bio
Education and Research Services Librarian
Education and Research Services

I enjoy connecting information with the people that need it for their learning, research and patient care. It makes me happy to help someone make use of our information resources.

DiAnna Hemsath - Special Collections and Archives  

DiAnnaHemsath.jpgDiAnna Hemsath, MA, Certified Archivist - Bio
Assistant Professor
Special Collections and Archives

I collect and preserve materials that document individuals’ professional lives and organizations’ activities and functions as they relate to the history of UNMC.

Jess King - Education and Research Services  

JessicaKing.jpgJess King, MLIS - Bio
Education and Research Services Librarian
Assistant Professor
Education and Research Services

I serve as one of the liaisons for the College of Public Health, providing information on library services and assisting others in forming health information literacy skills. I also encourage the use of and provide information on Open Educational Resources in an effort to help our students save money by replacing expensive textbooks with other resources.

Larissa Krayer - Special Collections and Archives  

Larissa-Krayer.jpgLarissa Krayer, MA - Bio
Digital Archivist
Assistant Professor
Special Collections and Archives

I collect and preserve the digital materials that relate to the history of UNMC and the health sciences in Nebraska. I digitize our analog materials and provide access to them online so that anyone can easily find material that is relevant to them.

Darby Kurtz - Special Collections and Archives  

DarbyReiners.jpgDarby Kurtz, MA - Bio
Archivist & Public Historian
Assistant Professor
Special Collections and Archives

I manage care, research, and access of the artifact collection and assist in exhibition development to preserve and share the history of UNMC and medicine in the state of Nebraska in compelling and dynamic learning spaces.

Brian Maass - Technology  

BrianMaass.jpgBrian Maass, MLIS - Bio
Digital Technologies Librarian
Assistant Professor

I support the technical needs of the library, including data preservation and analysis activities, application interfaces, and automation. I am also growing the library’s makerspace and emerging technology offerings to give our patrons access to new innovations in learning, creating, and accessing information.

Emily J. McElroy - Administration  

EmilyMcElroy.jpgEmily J. McElroy, MLIS - Bio
Associate Professor

I oversee the library's programs and services. I spend time working across campus letting people know the great things happening at McGoogan and how we can help their college, institute, or department.

Carrie Meyer - Special Collections and Archives  

CarrieMeyer.jpgCarrie Meyer, MA - Bio 
Head of Special Collections and Archives
Assistant Professor
Special Collections and Archives

I am privileged to manage, coordinate, and oversee development of the UNMC special collection and archives and rare books collections, provide stewardship of digital collections, ensure collection access for research, develop a robust exhibition program in both the library and the Wigton Heritage Center, and facilitate public service and outreach programs associated with our holdings.

Milo Nordman  
Milo Nordman
Student Worker
Euemduan C. Osmera - Collection Development and Metadata  

EuemOsmera.jpgEuemduan C. Osmera, MLS - Bio
Metadata Librarian
Assistant Professor
Collection Development and Metadata

I create metadata for print, electronic, and tangible materials that the library collects so that students, staff, faculty, and patients can better discover and access.

Evelyn Reinthaler - Collection Development and Metadata  

EvelynReinthaler.jpgEvelyn Reinthaler, BSE
E-Resources Technician
Collection Development and Metadata

I make sure the library's electronic resources are working properly and that UNMC students, staff, faculty and researchers can access these resources with no problems.

Jeremy Ripley - Technology  

Jeremy Ripley, BFA
Library Technology Technician

As the workstation support/3D printing associate I'm responsible for troubleshooting and purchasing library staff computer systems and oversee 3D print submissions

Cynthia M. (Cindy) Schmidt - Education and Research Services  

CindySchmidt.jpgCynthia M. (Cindy) Schmidt, MD, MLS - Bio
Education and Research Services Librarian
Associate Professor
Education and Research Services 

I serve as library liaison to the College of Pharmacy, the Nebraska Medicine Pharmacy, and a number of departments in the College of Medicine and College of Allied Health. I provide search training, citation manager training, drug information resource instruction, and other types of information resource related training for my liaison groups and others. I also respond to requests for routine literature searches from UNMC-affiliated, Nebraska Medicine-affiliated, and Children's Hospital and Medical Center-affiliated faculty, staff and students and am one of the team of librarians who provides more specialized search services in support of systematic review production.

Maria Shellman - Special Collections and Archives  
Maria Shellman, MSLIS
Archives Associate II
Special Collections and Archives

I process archival materials, create descriptive guides, and conduct historical research to build connections and make it possible for the community to access UNMC’s history and special collections.
Ben Simon - Interlibrary Loan  

BenSimon.jpgBen Simon, MFA
Library Associate
Interlibrary Loan

I fill interlibrary loan requests for students, staff and faculty, delivering books and articles to help our patrons with research and patient care.

Erin J. Torell - Special Collections and Archives  

ErinTorrell.jpgErin J. Torell, MA - Bio 
Rare Books Librarian
Assistant Professor
Special Collections and Archives

I curate the book collections in the Special Collections and Archives, including the rare books, Orr Collection, Nebraska Collection, History of the Health Sciences Reference Collection, and Wolfensberger Collection. I aim to expand individuals' knowledge of the history of the health sciences by sharing books and manuscripts through classroom instruction, tours, and exhibits.

Danielle Westmark - Education and Research Services  

DanielleDrummond.jpegDanielle Westmark, MLIS - Bio
Education and Research Librarian
Head of Circulation Services
Assistant Professor
Education and Research Services

I connect faculty, staff, and students to a variety of online and print resources that promote their learning and professional careers. Additionally, I provide assistance with literature searching, citation management tools, and systematic reviews.

Durrett Winter - Education and Research Services  

Durrett WinterDurrett Winter, MA
Library Technician III
Education and Research Services

I connect library users with the resources and people they need to be successful, be it a student seeking their liaison librarian, a UNMC employee looking for a helpful tutorial, or a patient seeking comprehensible health information.