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The Special Collections and Archives materials of the McGoogan Health Sciences Library are used in a variety of ways: classroom learning, loans to other institutions, virtual webinars, exhibits, etc. Exhibitions of the materials are located in the new Wigton Heritage Center and in Wittson Hall on levels 3, 4, and 5. Level 8 of the McGoogan Library also holds exhibits and materials that can be more closely examined by appointment.

The McGoogan Library is the proud producer and caretaker of the Wigton Heritage Center’s physical and digital exhibitions. Tours of the physical exhibitions, including the restored iconic façade of University Hospital, are available for booking.

See what is currently on display on Level 8 of McGoogan Library:

Battling the Speckled Monster: Stories of Slaying Smallpox

Special exhibit from the rare book collection – located in the elevator lobby on the level 8 of McGoogan Library

“Battling the Speckled Monster: Stories of Slaying Smallpox” features three books from the McGoogan Library’s rare book collection and the H. Winnett Orr rare book collection. Edward Jenner’s 1798 An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae publicized his discovery of the smallpox vaccine derived from cowpox. The exhibit also presents a hidden story from the history of smallpox. In The Works of the Right Honourable Lady Mary Wortley Monatgu viewers are introduced to one 18th-century woman’s fight to introduce smallpox inoculation to England. The third book, A Treatise on the Small-pox and Measles, is a 19th-century translation of Rhazes’s 9th-century landmark work distinguishing the difference between smallpox and measles.