University of Nebraska Medical Center

Wellness at the Library

Reflection room with massage chair and floor mat

The library provides opportunities for reflection, relaxation and rest for students, faculty, and staff.

Exercise Bike Pedals

Exercise bike pedals are available to anyone using the library. These portable pedalers can be used anywhere in the library. 

Leisure Reading

The leisure reading collection is located on the 7th floor of the library. This collection is focused on reading for fun and relaxation and includes popular fiction and non-fiction titles. New titles are added when they become available. The books may be borrowed from the shelf and returned at a later date. Checkout is not necessary. The library does not accept book donations for this collection.

Napping Pods

Two napping pods are available on the 7th floor of the library. The covers rotate to provide some darkness, and the seat and footrest recline to the user’s setting. Users can dim the lights and plug in headphones to listen to soothing sounds.

Reflection Rooms

Three Reflection Rooms are located on the 7th floor of the library. In the rooms are a rotating display of art, soft lighting, and comfortable cushions and mats for relaxation or meditation. Two massage chairs are also available.

Students may reserve the rooms through the University of Nebraska Space Reservations and Events system, using the "UNMC Reserve Library Student Study Space (Omaha)" template.

Faculty and staff may reserve rooms through the University of Nebraska Space Reservations and Events system, using the "UNMC Request ALL Rooms (Meetings & Ad-Hoc)" template.

Reflection Room Use Policy

  • The library’s Reflection Rooms are provided for quiet reflection and wellness.
  • Please respect the rights of others in a room when occupied by more than one person.
  • Room furnishings supplied by the library must remain in the rooms. Do not move furniture or whiteboards into the room.
  • The rooms are not intended for studying, sleeping, or activities that do not honor the intent of the rooms.
  • Rooms are not intended for group activities.
  • Please silence electronic devices.
  • Food and beverages are prohibited.
  • Burning of any material or candles is prohibited. Flameless candles are available in some rooms.
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If you have suggestions for wellness at the library, please let us know.