University of Nebraska Medical Center

Classrooms and Conference Rooms

Classroom setup within the library

Classroom, Library (Room 6032)

Classroom, College of Allied Health Professions (Room 6033)

Conference rooms (Rooms 6035, 6036)

Classroom and Conference Room Policy

The library classroom and two conference rooms are available to UNMC faculty, staff, and students. The library classroom can be reserved through the University of Nebraska Space Reservations and Events website or by calling 402-559-7254.
  • Only UNMC sponsored events may be scheduled in these spaces.
  • A UNMC employee or department must serve as a primary contact and handle all details. Off-campus guests must have a UNMC employee or department who serves in this role.
  • Groups must vacate the room at least 10 minutes before the hour or 20 minutes past the hour.
  • At the conclusion of using the space:
    • return the room furnishings to their original state
    • ensure that A/V technology has been powered off and users have logged out of computers
    • use the cleaning supplies to wipe tables where food or beverage items have been placed
    • remove all items brought into the room
If damage occurs and is not reported, or the room is not returned to its original state, the primary contact may be held liable and future room use may be restricted. Personal items should not be left unattended.