University of Nebraska Medical Center

Fostering Information Literacy and Critical Appraisal in Generative AI

Kiara Comfort, MLIS
Teresa Hartman, MLS
Kim Harp, MLS

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming how we create and consume text. While AI offers exciting possibilities for research and creative endeavors, its outputs require careful evaluation. This workshop equips participants with information literacy skills to critically assess AI-generated text. Through provided resources, examples and discussions, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of: The strengths and limitations of generative AI tools. How to identify potential biases and factual errors in AI-generated text. Strategies for verifying the credibility of information produced by AI. Techniques for leveraging AI tools effectively while maintaining a critical perspective. This session is designed for faculty, staff, researchers, students, and anyone who encounters AI-generated content in their daily lives. By fostering information literacy, we can harness the power of AI while mitigating its potential pitfalls.