University of Nebraska Medical Center

Prompt with CoPilot

Lisa Chinn, PhD, MLIS
Julie Gregg, MEd
Michael Kozak, MEd


Objective: This presentation will introduce the UNMC community to CoPilot, Microsoft’s Generative AI platform. Presenters will have an interactive prompting station that audience members can use to evaluate the effectiveness of CoPilot integration into Microsoft Word, Excel, and Edge.

This presentation evolved from a pilot project sponsored by IT. Users were tasked with keeping track of:

  • Experience with certain tasks
  • Ease of use

This experience-based pilot allowed users to work with the tools and techniques available through CoPilot. Sharing the pilot project will help introduce CoPilot to the UNMC community. Methods: Using pre-developed prompts in Word, Excel, and Edge will make the presentation interactive while demonstrating the use value of CoPilot for everyday use.

Results: We have found the following tools the most useful:

  • CoPilot with the Edge browser
  • Robust integration with other Microsoft products

Conclusions: Using CoPilot to facilitate searching the web and using the plug-in in Word and Excel are the best use cases discovered so far.

We will demonstrate—and have participants demonstrate—the best use cases for CoPilot.