University of Nebraska Medical Center

Synergistic Approach for Detecting AI

Presenter: Suhasini Kotcherlakota, PhD

Objective: To evaluate the Turnitin tool integrated with Canvas LMS in detecting AI-generated content.

Methods: A text document generated by AI was uploaded to the Canvas LMS and run through the Turnitin tool. Turnitin’s similarity report was analyzed to determine whether AI-generated content was detected.

Result: The Turnitin tool generated a similarity report but did not detect the content as AI-generated.

Conclusions: Turnitin’s AI detector feature in Canvas seems disabled at the institutional level. An ethical alternative is to consider a synergistic approach such as an 'instructor plus external AI detector' when checking academic honesty in writing. Other suggestions include using AI misuse detection checklists and rubrics that emphasize plagiarism prevention and educating students on detecting plagiarism on their own before submitting their work.