University of Nebraska Medical Center

Using AI & Large Language Models in Systematic and Scoping Reviews

Cindy Schmidt, MD, MLS
Danielle Westmark, MLIS

Objective: This presentation highlights AI and large language models (LLM) that can semi-automate the systematic and scoping review process.

Methods: Literature Review.

Results: AI/LLM can be included in the several stages of systematic and scoping review production: literature searching, search result screening, and data extraction and analysis. AI and LLM tools are in their infancy, evolving, and being integrated into existing review-focused tools. We will address the findings of research that has evaluated these tools and their reliability.

Conclusion: It’s vital that review authors understand the limitations of these tools so that they can avoid or reduce bias and ensure ethical research. Librarians can assist researchers in navigating appropriate use of AI in the various stages of systematic and scoping review production.