And the Winners Are...

Nurses tell great stories! We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020-2021 UNMC College of Nursing Creative Writing Awards.

They were selected from 61 entrants from all 5 campuses and all degree programs in the College of Nursing, who wrote great stories, poems and songs and who made this such a difficult contest to judge. Many thanks as well to all our faculty and external judges who made this possible!

Congratulations to these six Award winners, eight Honorable Mention, and 9 additional Publication Awards: all will be printed in the Creative Writing Awards Publication coming soon.

Creative Writing Awards ($2,000 Award)

James Vermilion 2020: noun /twen(t)-twen(t)/ Definition: Diversity; Adversity.
Nick Swan Being the Diversity.
Laurie Sewell-Muller Chronicles of a Community Mental Health Nurse: Tuesday Afternoon
Haile Buggi From Cocoon to Butterfly
Abbey Klein The Color of Pregnancy
Anne Lano Where Are You Frooooooom?

Creative Writing Honorable Mention ($400 Award)

Porcelain Shaw A simple question and a chance to Be
Grant Fabry Eternity
Stephanie Clark I know you
Elizabeth Burks Learning Patients
Zeinab Alazri Let's Share the Treasure
Timothy Constant Pieces of Me
Bri Banaag Serenity in Solidarity
Jasmine Jallen Two Years Ago

Creative Writing Publication Award

Carolyn Hanus A Walk
Anna Nelson Birth: The Miracle that Transcends Diversity
Laurie Sewell-Muller Chronicles of a Community Mental Health Nurse: Tuesday Morning
Shaun Warkentin Drinking Down the Sun
Lauren Struble El Fantasma
Emily Blanchard I Am Here To Take Care Of You
Justin Graham Male Nurse Haiku
Shayna Kruse Midwest Nurse in 2020
Cara Dolezal This Is Their Story