Active Learning

Welcome to the new world of active learning!

The UNMC College of Nursing academic programs use active learning methods to draw you into the experience of learning and making the material your own! This is learning at its best and we look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey!

Preparing_to_close_Isopod_cropped.jpgNo more long lectures – or at least not so many!

No more reliance on just memorizing facts without the opportunity to engage in what they mean for you in REAL clinical practice.

No more reading assignments that you are not sure how they relate to class discussions.

Welcome to active, engaged learning in which faculty partner with you to enhance your learning in experiential learning activities. Research In cognitive science and adult learning shows that adults learn best when more than one sense is involved and learners get to be actively involved in questioning, thinking, analyzing, solving problems, and developing real world solutions.

College of Nursing faculty use case studies, high and low fidelity simulations, team-based learning, e-learning, and “flipped classrooms” (to use a term coined by Salman Khan, Khan Academy) to enhance your learning experiences.

What do YOU do in an active learning environment?

Complete learning assignments before engaging with your class in synchronous or asynchronous sessions.

Think through the cases, questions, video lecture bursts, or other preparatory materials before class.

Come to class with questions, ready to think critically, discover, and reflect with classmates and faculty.

This is REAL learning at its best. It will prepare you for the sophisticated clinical and scientific reasoning required of today’s nurses and health professional teams. It will help you learn to optimally manage the complexities of acute and critically ill patients, family and community dynamics, and work with populations to improve health outcomes.

It will help you become leaders and highly skilled team members for health care of the future.

And finally, active learning will give you the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to competently work with members of the community as together we improve the health of our neighborhoods, states, the nation, and our world.

Come join us for engaging, enlivening, and enriching active learning in the UNMC College of Nursing!