University of Nebraska Medical Center

Outpatient Clinical Rotations

doctor, resident and patients
Pediatric residents experience outpatient clinical rotations at a variety of clinics around the area learning about a wide-range of disciplines.
Continuity Clinic
Residents are given multiple options for continuity clinic: Creighton University, University of Nebraska, Children’s Physicians, One World Community Health Center, or with another private community pediatrician. All clinics see a variety of health care maintenance and acute visits throughout the three years. Creighton University, UNMC, and One World have a large Hispanic and underserved patient population. Residents are given their own schedules at these clinics under attending supervision. Residents choosing to work with a private pediatrician are placed in clinics throughout the Omaha metropolitan area. They see patients on the attending physician’s schedule and are given more autonomy as they progress in their training.
Residents rotate on the Surgery/Anesthesia service during their second year. This rotation gives them the opportunity to become proficient with IV placement, airway management, and sedation techniques, as well as to gain exposure to a large number of common pediatric surgical procedures. They spend time on the wards rounding with the surgery team, in the pre-operative suite performing H&Ps, in the OR with the anesthesiologist, and in the clinic with outpatient follow-up. This rotation familiarizes residents with common procedures so they are better prepared to counsel families and patients later in their careers. During the rotation, residents also spend time in the Burn Clinic, learning about acute and chronic burn management.
UNMC Nursery/UNMC Clinic
Residents spend 1 month in the University of Nebraska Newborn Nursery and Pediatrics Clinic during their intern year. This time is divided between the Newborn Nursery in the morning and the clinic during the afternoon. The Newborn Nursery has around 2400 admissions yearly and interns get their normal newborn experience under the guidance of an attending physician. The University of Nebraska Clinic has over 20,000 visits annually.
Development/Behavioral Pediatrics
Residents rotate on Development during their intern year. During this month they participate in a number of clinics including psychology, neurodevelopment, autism, and NICU follow-up clinics. They interact with the families of medically complex children on an individual basis to get a better understanding of what those families’ lives are like on a daily basis.
Ambulatory/Rural Selective
This rotation occurs during the 2nd year. During this rotation residents spend three weeks in an outpatient clinic in the community working with a local pediatrician. They then spend 1 week in rural Nebraska where they experience all aspects of a rural practice; outpatient, inpatient, and newborn nursery. Rural sites include Scotts Bluff, North Platte, Grand Island, etc.
Community Pediatrics
This rotation is taken during the 3rd year. Residents spend mornings rounding at Bergan Newborn Nursery with community pediatricians. In the afternoons, they are involved with various community health organizations. The Douglas County Health Department teaches residents about lead, sanitation, and epidemiology in the community. Residents also visit One World Community Health Center for dentistry and pediatrics clinics. One World proved culturally respectful quality health care to the underserved. Lastly residents work with the home health agencies/visiting nurse associations to do home visits.
Adolescent Medicine
Residents take this rotation during their 3rd year. In order to get a full appreciation for the intricacies of adolescent medicine, they have a number of responsibilities during this month in addition to the weekly adolescent clinic. Additional activities include discussing teen pregnancy at a local high school, participating in an eating disorder partial hospitalization program, working with child/adolescent psychiatrists, and seeing patients in the STD clinic at the Douglas County Health Department.
Children's Nebraska's Emergency Department
The Children’s Nebraska's Emergency Department has >33,000 visits annually. It is staffed by Pediatric Emergency Medicine physicians. They see a wide range of acute and emergency conditions. Residents do one month of Emergency Medicine during each year of residency. During the third year Emergency Medicine month, residents have the opportunity to do Urgent Care at one of the local clinics.