University of Nebraska Medical Center

T32 Training Program

The University of Nebraska Medical Center administers a NIH sponsored neuroimmunology of disease T32 training program. This highly selective program, which accepts around four students per year, provides research opportunities with mentors in various aspects of study, including:

  • Investigating the role played by glial inflammatory activities in brain disease
  • Utilizing advanced functional and structural neuroimaging to understand normal and aberrant cognitive processes
  • Cell signaling in the neuroimmunomodulation by drugs of abuse
  • Studying pathogenesis and immune responses elicited by Staphylococcus aureus
  • Investigating macrophage production of neurotoxic products that follow viral-infection and immune activation
  • Using non-human primate modeling of central nervous system infections
  • Using experimental paradigms to decipher the mechanisms mediating in the blood-brain barrier
  • Develop novel therapeutic strategies that may enhance neuronal function and survival in neurodegenerative diseases
  • Develop small animal models to study the pathogenesis of human-specific viral co-infection
  • Target cell types of the immune system to fight against HIV

All students accepted into the program will have tuition and fees waived. Medical insurance, a moving allowance and a yearly stipend of $24,324 are also provided. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.