Admission FAQ


Number of students accepted for each class:          60

Average GPA for all applicants:                3.5

Average GPA for admitted students:        3.6

Minimum GPA: No set minimum, but above a 3.0 GPA is considered competitive

Application Deadline:    Priority Deadline: October 1st;  Regular Deadline: March 1st


What information is utilized by the Admissions Committee in assessing applicants?

Which credits do not count toward meeting prerequisites?

How do graduates of the University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy fare on national board exams?    

Students graduating from our program consistently perform well above the national average on both NAPLEX (North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination) and MPJE (Multi-state Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination).  See the Graduating Student Profile page for more information.

As an applicant to a health professions program, am I subject to any type of Background Check or other required disclosure of information regarding a conviction or other legal proceedings against me?

Are Financial Aid and Scholarships available?

Where do I live while attending the College of Pharmacy?        

The University of Nebraska Medical Center does not have residence halls, but owns a variety of rental property units which can be leased to students.  Please visit the Student Housing site for more information. 

I graduated 8 years ago from college but am thinking about returning to pursue a pharmacy degree.  Will the science and math classes I took 8-10 years ago count toward my prerequisites?          

In many cases they will not, but every student’s previous history is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  If you would like to request an evaluation, please send an unofficial transcript to Amber Hawk at  The Admissions Committee generally recommends that coursework greater than five (5) years old in the science and math areas should be refreshed (i.e. especially organic chemistry & physiology) or a PCAT score submitted to demonstrate academic ability in those areas.

Do you accept students from other states?    

Yes!  Starting in Fall 2021, the UNMC College of Pharmacy tuition will be the same for Nebraska residents, non-residents and international students.  

Who can I talk to for further information or for questions that I have?    

For further information or to schedule a campus visit, please contact Amber Hawk at 402-559-5366 or