Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminars - Fall 2021 


08/27/2021 Adam Nelson, PhD University of Leeds - How Best to Explore Chemical Space for Bioactive Molecular Discovery?
Noon Zoom
09/03/2021 Dan Flaherty, PhD Purdue University - Validation of Therpeutic Targets and Drug Development for Antibiotics and Chronic Pain Noon PDD 1002
09/10/2021 Patrick Wortmann UNMC - Annual Safety Seminar Noon PDD 1002
09/17/2021 Marion Emmert, PhD Merck - Non-Directed C-H Bond Functionalizations: Synthetic Applications and Mechanistic Studies Noon Zoom
09/24/2021 Lola Eniola-Adefeso, PhD University of Michigan - Leveraging the Natural Cellular and Biomolecular Interactions in Blood for the Design of Targeted, Anti-Inflammatory Particle Therapeutics Noon Zoom
09/30/2021 Ernst Wagner, PhD Ludwig Maximilian University Munich - Knocking down and knocking out genes: chemical evolution of nucleic acid delivery carriers 2pm Zoom
10/08/2021 Sébastien Lecommandoux, PhD Université de Bordeaux Noon Zoom
10/15/2021 Raymond Bergman, PhD UNMC-Advances in Cancer Therapy Noon PDD 1002
10/21/2021 Len Seymour The University of Oxford 2pm Zoom
10/29/2021 Wei Li, PhD  UTHSC Noon Zoom
11/05/2021 Yaoqiu Zhu, PhD   UTEP Noon Zoom
11/12/2021 Marc Scheetz, PhD Midwestern University Noon PDD 1002
11/19/2021 Martin Gruebele University of Illinois at Urbana Noon PDD 1002
12/03/2021 TBA  Merck Noon Zoom
12/10/2021 Zhifeng Zhao/Bharti Sethi UNMC Noon TBA