Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminars - Fall 2022 


08/26/2022 Kelly A Johnson UNMC- Safety Seminar Noon PDD 1002
09/02/2022 Kelly A. Johnson UNMC- CANVAS Safety Course Noon PDD 1002
09/09/2022 Ram Mahato, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences  UNMC- Polymeric and Lipid Nanomedicine of Multiple Signaling Pathways of Medulloblastoma Noon PDD 1002
09/16/2022 Rasangi Pathirage and Thilina Jayasinghe (PI: Ronning) UNMC-Rasangi Pathirage: “Modulation of CitA Activity to Increase the Susceptibility of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis to TB Trugs”
Thilina Jayasinghe: “Targeting Mycobacterium Tuberculosis GlgE to Disrupt the Capsular Glucan Biosynthesis”
Noon PDD 1002
09/23/2022 Lynne M. Dieckman, PhD, Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Creighton University- Structural Analysis of Protein Complexes that Regulate Replication-Coupled Nucleosome Assembly Noon PDD 1002
09/30/2022 Md Shafikur Rahaman (PI: Trippier) and Mahmudul Hasan (PI: Gendelman) UNMC- Md Shafikur Rahman: “Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Peptidase Neurolysin Activators to Treat Ischemic Stroke”
Mahmudul Hadan: “Multi-exon disrupting CRISPR LNP as a cure for HIV”
Noon  PDD 1002
10/07/2022 Jiachen Feng and Luana de Campos (PI: Conda-Sheridan) UNMC Noon PDD 1002
10/14/2022 Professor Sanyog Jain National Institute of Education and Research (NIPER), Mohali, Punjab, India Noon PDD 1002
10/21/2022 Andrea Holmes, PhD, Department of Chemistry Doane University Noon PDD 1002
10/28/2022 Lindsey B. Crawford, PhD,  Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry University of Nebraska- Lincoln Noon PDD 1002
11/04/2022 Jered Garrison, PhD, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences UNMC Noon PDD 1002
11/11/2022 Shawn Owen, Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Pharmaceutics College of Pharmacy, University of Utah Noon PDD 1002
11/18/2022 Aaron Mohs, PhD, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and Associate Professor UNMC Noon PDD 1002
11/25/2022 No Seminar Thanksgiving Break N/A N/A
12/02/2022 Kishor K. Bhakat, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy UNMC Noon PDD 1002
12/09/2022 Amarnath Natarajan, PhD, Professor, Eppley Institute for Cancer Research UNMC Noon PDD 1002
12/16/2022 Dong Wang, PhD, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences UNMC Noon PDD 1002