Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminars - Spring 2022 


01/14/2022 Tommy Stormberg, PhD Candidate UNMC - Discovery of Novel Property of Transcription Factor NF-kB: AFM Studies
Noon Zoom
01/21/2022 Karen Zagorski and Paul Lovell, PhD Candidates UNMC - Karen:  Beyond Herd Immunity: Utilizing Precisely Organized Nanoimmunogen to Create a Personalized Vaccine for Immunocompromised Individuals / Paul:  Macromolecular Fluorescent Conjugates for Bioimaging Applications Noon Zoom
01/28/2022 Harm-Anton Klok, PhD EPFL - Delivering Polymer Nanomedicines Using Living Cells Noon Zoom
02/03/2022 Marc Scheetz, PharmD, MSc Midwestern University - Bringing Precision Dosing to the Bedside: The Interface Between Pharmacometrics, Clinical Toxicology and Outcomes from Human Studies with Vancomycin Noon PDD 2006
02/04/2022 Simon Rondeau-Gagné, PhD University of Windsor - Semiconducting Polymers: A Molecular Platform for the Development of New Tools in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Noon Zoom
02/11/2022 David Rodriguez, PhD Pfizer - Advances in Liquid Biopsy Approaches to Support Clinical Drug Interaction Assessment and Subject Phenotyping Noon Zoom
02/18/2022 Richard Lee, PhD St. Jude - Discovery and Development of CoA Modulators Noon Zoom
02/25/2022 Kohei Sato, PhD Tokyo Institute of Technology - Supramolecular Chemistry Toward Synthetic Mimetics of Membrane Proteins Noon PDD 1002
03/04/2022 Parag Sahasrabudhe, PhD Pfizer - Use of Biophysical Methods for Drug Delivery Noon Zoom
03/11/2022 Pharm Tech Workshop on 3/7-8/22 - No Seminar on 3/11/22 Website:   All Day Zoom
03/25/2022 Jason Stewart and Jacob Parriott, PhD Candidates UNMC - Jason: Treatment of Murine and Porcine Dermal Methicillin Resistant S. aureus Infection Using Complement Based Immunostimulatory Peptide / Jacob: The Effect of Surface Conjugation of CPDI-02 to Biodegradable Microparticles Encapsulating OVA vaccine on the Generation of Short- and Long-Lived Mucosal and Systemic Humoral Immunity After Intranasal Administration Noon Zoom
03/30/2022 Nick Stephanopoulos, PhD Arizona State University - Hybrid Nanomaterials from Proteins, Peptides and DNA Noon PDD 1002
04/01/2022 Viktoriya Mashinson and Kirsten Antonio-Tolentino, PhD Candidates UNMC - Viktoriya: Synthesis and Investigation of D4 Receptor Antagonists and Flaviviral RdRp Inhibitors / Kirsten: A Piperidine Scaffold for D4 Antagonists Lead to the Discovery of Selective Sigma-1 Receptor Modulators Noon Zoom
04/07/2022 James Dahlman, PhD Georgia Tech - Delivering RNA Outside the Liver by Testing Thousands of Nanoparticles in Vivo Noon Zoom
04/15/2022 Michelle Arkin, PhD UCSF - Site-Directed Drug Discovery for Protein-Protein Interactions Noon Zoom
04/22/2022 Cody Wenthur, PhD University of Wisconsin - Sifting and Winnowing: Designing Haptens to Modify the Selectivity of Antibodies for Psychoactive Small Molecules Noon PDD 1002
04/29/2022 Shiba Dandpat, PhD Lumicks - Real-Time Imaging of Dynamic Single-Molecule Interactions:  from DNA Binding to Molecular Motors Noon Zoom