Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminars - Spring 2021

**There will be a special round table discussion with Dr. Marion Emmert, Principal Scientist from Merck, describing work in industry. She will provide career advice and tips to get a job in the industry. If you are considering a job in large pharma, this will be a great contact. The meeting will be held via zoom on May 6th at 2:30 pm. Dr. Emmert will answer questions and explain her transition from industry to academia. If you have specific questions, please send them to her in advance ( so Dr. Emmert can answer them directly. Zoom information:  Meeting ID: 941 2852 0330 / Passcode: 282322

01/14/2021 Wei Duan, PhD Deakin University, Australia - Targeting Cancer Stem Cells via Aptamer-Guided Drug Delivery 4:00 Online
01/21/2021 Pall Thordarson, PhD The University of New South Wales, Australia - From Protocells to Peptide-Functionalised Polymersomes Targeting Medulloblastoma 4:00 Online
01/28/2021 Johannes Zuegg, PhD The University of Queensland, Australia - Discovery and Prediction of Antimicrobials - How Crowdsourcing Can Enable the Discovery of Novel Antibiotics
4:00 Online
02/05/2021 Denis Svechkarev, PhD

UNMC - Excited-State Dynamics and Sensing Applications of Multiband Fluorophores

Noon Online
02/12/2021 Stacey Chin, PhD Cell Press - Editorial Insight Into Scientific Publishing Noon Online
02/19/2021 Damien Thompson, PhD University of Limerick - Predictive Modeling of Peptide Assemblies Noon Online
02/26/2020 Leslie Aldrich, PhD

University of Illinois at Chicago - Building Biological Performance Diversity and Chasing Challenging Targets for Probe and Drug Discovery

Noon Online
03/05/2021 King Hang Aaron Lau, PhD University of Strathclyde - Sequence-Specific Peptoids for Antifouling and Antibacterial Applications Noon Online
03/12/2021 Liskin Swint-Kruse, PhD University of Kansas Medical Center - Rheostats and Toggle Switches for Modulating Protein Function Noon Online
03/26/2021 Angel Garcia, PhD Los Alamos - Exploring the Dynamics and Dimerization of KRAS4B on Anionic Membranes by Molecular Dynamics Simulations Noon Online
04/02/2021 M Eugenio Vazguez, PhD Universidade de Santiago de Compostela - Metal Coordination, a New Dimension in Peptide Engineering Noon Online
04/09/2021 John Tesmer, PhD Purdue University - Structure, Function and Inhibition of GPCR Kinases Noon Online
04/16/2021 Matthew Webber, PhD University of Notre Dame - Bio-Inspired Routes to Precision Drug Delivery with Supramolecular Materials  Noon Online
04/23/2021 Swagat Sharma, PhD Candidate UNMC - Discovery and Development of Small Molecular Probes for Non-Addictive Pain Therapy  Noon  Online
04/30/2020 E. Thomas Pashuk, PhD Lehigh University - Spatially Functionalized Biomaterials to Direct Tissue Regeneration  Noon  Online