University of Nebraska Medical Center


The day-to-day administration of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program (PSGP) is performed by an elected faculty committee.

PSGP Committee Members

Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program


Luis A Marky

Associate Professor


Anthony Podany

Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies, UNMC College of Pharmacy


Aaron Mohs



Don Ronning

Associate Professor


Paul Trippier

Associate Professor


Joseph Vetro


The faculty of the College of Pharmacy serve as mentors to our students. The faculty comprise two departments and a list of faculty can be found by clicking on the links below:

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmacy Practice and Sciences

Governing Rules & Regulations

The governing rules and regulations of the PSGP are set out in the Governing document that is reviewed at least annually. A copy can be downloaded for each Academic Year (AY) below. The AY of admission is the document pertaining to your study.

Academic Timelines

A list of key academic dates for both the PhD and MS programs. Please also refer to the Academic calendar for key dates.

Laboratory Safety and Etiquette

  1. Students must not undertake any laboratory work until they have read the UNMC Safety Manual and are prepared to conform to the required standards and requirements.  
  2. Students are reminded that the most common breaches of laboratory safety include the following: 1) not wearing appropriate clothing e.g., shorts & open foot wear are not allowed, 2) not wearing laboratory coats and/or safety glasses, 3) consuming food and drink in the lab, 4) storing food and drink in laboratory refrigerators, 5) incorrectly packaging and storing bio-hazardous material for disposal, 6) incorrectly disposing of broken glass, 7) discarding disposable pipettes in plastic trash containers, and 8) inadequately labeling chemicals and solutions that are on the bench or stored in refrigerators.
  3. Students must know the location of the safety shower and fire extinguisher in each laboratory they work.
  4. Report all safety concerns to your advisor, the Chair of the College of Pharmacy’s Safety Committee, and/or Chair of the department.
  5. Scientific equipment is expensive.  Do not use any equipment until you have been appropriately trained to use it correctly. 
  6. Leave all equipment in the condition that you found it, or better.  Accidents happen and equipment fails from time to time.  Immediately report any equipment failure, breakage, or substandard performance to your advisor. 
  7. Record the use of equipment in the log book (if appropriate).
  8. Do not use or remove chemicals, solvents or equipment from any other laboratory without the appropriate faculty member’s permission.
  9. The first PSGP seminar in fall is a safety seminar.  Attendance is mandatory and all students must sign the form stating they are familiar with the safety regulations in the college.  This signed form is to be maintained in the safety file.
  10. The College now uses the UNMC safety manual, which can be accessed online at the Safety Office website.