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Program Goals

  1. The goal of this residency training program is to provide an educational experience of such quality and excellence as to offer its graduates the opportunity for attainment of the six core competencies necessary for entry-level independent practice of this specialty.
  2. The educational experience provides knowledge regarding the diagnosis, pathogenesis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of neuro/musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and other systemic disorders common to the specialty in patients of both sexes and all ages.
  3. The training program provides the opportunity for the resident to coordinate effective and efficiently an interdisciplinary team of allied rehabilitation professionals for the maximum benefit of the patient.
  4. The resident is given the opportunity for progressive responsibility in diagnosing, assessing, and managing the conditions commonly encountered by the physiatrist in the rehabilitative management of patients of all ages.

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Application Process 

Applications are accepted through the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS).  Applications, deadlines, and regulations are available in full detail through the ERAS website and the NRMP website

Program Coordinator

Carrie Helmberger
Phone: 402-401-5121
email:  chelmberger@unmc.edu 


Residency Experience

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