University of Nebraska Medical Center

Health Educators and Academic Leaders

The Health Educators & Academic Leaders curriculum provides a foundation in best teaching practices, educational scholarship and academic leadership to UNMC's health professionals in training.

HEAL is the first competency-based interprofessional health educator track in the nation. With involvement from many UNMC colleges and departments, HEAL is designed to allow health professional trainees the opportunity to develop essential skills as educators before transitioning into their careers. 

Objectives & Overview

The objectives of UNMC's HEAL track include:
  • To facilitate clinical educator excellence through mentorship, coaching and self-determined learning
  • To foster an interprofessional community of practice among health professionals in training
  • To develop future leaders, scholars and change agents in health professions education

The HEAL curriculum is divided into two tiers to accommodate variability in learner interest, career aspirations, and time. 

  • The Foundations program includes four 1-credit courses comprised of a series of seminar-workshops, faculty mentorship, relevant readings, and contributions toward a teaching portfolio.
  • The Advanced program adds three asynchronous courses from the Masters of Health Professions Teaching and Technology program. Upon completion, participants will have earned the program’s Professional Certificate (12 MS credits). 

Application Information

Apply to the HEAL Track

Applications for the 2023 HEAL cohort are due March 20, 2023. Apply here.

Inquiries about application fee waivers can be emailed to Jill McIntosh-Carnes but must be done before you submit payment through the application link. A limited number of vouchers are available each year to offset this fee.

Contact Information

Program Coordinator: Jill McIntosh-Carnes


Current Health Educators and Academic Leaders

House Officer III

Domenic DiSanti, DO
Kaitie Dougherty, MD

Instructor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Kaitie Dougherty

Chief Resident

Amy Dreessen, MD

Quality and Patient Safety Chief Resident

Jon Hall, MD

Assistant professor, Division of Nephrology


Mackenzie Keintz, MD

Infectious Diseases Fellow

Dr. Mackenzie Keintz
Jen Luedders, MD

Allergy & Immunology Fellow

Dr. Jen Luedders
Clayton Oakley, DO

Internal Medicine Chief Resident

Dr. Clayton Oakley
Joe Pachunka, MD

Med-Peds Faculty

Dr. Joe Pachunka
Jaclyn Rivington, MD

Cardiology Fellow

Dr. Jaclyn Rivington
Tomoki Sempokuya, MD

Gastroenterology Fellow

Dr. Tomoki Sempokuya

House Officer III

Alexandra Sorrick, MD
Pat Twohig, MD

Gastroenterology Fellow

Dr. Pat Twohig
Nabil Al-Kourainy, MD

Infectious Diseases Fellow

House Officer II

Brett Begley, MD
Teddy Black, MD

Anesthesiology HOIII

Dr. Teddy Black
Kath Borghoff, MD

Nephrology Fellow

Dr. Kathleen Borghoff
Conor Dass, MD

Emergency Medicine HOIII

Moe Eliliwi, MD

Pulmonary Fellow

Dr. Moe Eliliwi
Annie Pearson, MD

Emergency Medicine HOII

Elizabeth Reiche, DO

Emergency Medicine HOIII

Instructor, Division of Infectious Diseases


Jonathan Ryder
Shiva Vangimalla, MBBS

Gastroenterology Fellow

Dr. Shiva Vangimalla

House Officer II

Debra Wekesa, MD

House Officer II

Nicholas Yeutter, MD
Jose Zamora-Sifuentes, DO

Allergy & Immunology Fellow

Dr. Jose Zamora-Sifuentes