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The UNMC Center for Neuro-Developmental Psychopathology, led by Dr. Soonjo Hwang, is dedicated to conducting clinical research that spans the entire lifespan, focusing on individuals with mental health disorders.

Its primary interests encompass a range of topics including emotional dysregulation, neuroscience, neurobiology-based interventions, neuroimaging, anxiety, substance use disorders, and overall wellness.

The objective of the center, which operates within the UNMC Department of Psychiatry, is to enhance our understanding of various psychopathologies and establish solid neuro-biological models. Target engagement, by verification of impact on the neuro-biological mechanisms by various intervention is also our upmost interest. To achieve this, we apply various state-of-art modalities, including neuroimaging (functional MRI and magneto-encephalography), virtual reality assessment of behavioral and emotional manifestation of various mental health disorders, and artificial intelligence to achieve better understanding of large scale data obtained by various projects.

Our dedicated team of faculty, staff, and trainees are at the forefront of adopting the best practices and pioneering novel assessment and treatment modalities. This commitment ensures that our patients and their families receive exceptional care. Through collaborations with interdisciplinary researchers within the campus, local community, state, and on a national and international level, the lab is positioned as a leader in the field.

Research Team

Soonjo Hwang, MD

Research Director Associate Professor of Pediatric Psychiatry Anna O. Stake Professor of Child Psychiatry


Minjoo Kang, M.Ed.

Clinical Study Coordinator


Manthar Ali Mallah, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Emilee Kendall, BS

Clinical Research Assistant


Hannah Grell, BS

Clinical Research Assistant

Hyung Seok So, MD

Visiting Scholar



  • Ji-Woo Suk, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Republic of Korea
  • William Fred Garvey, Neuroscience Program, University of Sheffield, U.K.
  • Arica Lerdahl, Physician Assistant Program, University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Ian Parsley, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship, University of Texas

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