Social Events & Wellness Activities

Social Events & Wellness Activities 

Committee Leadership


Tracy Hanzek, Division Administrator, Transplant Surgery


Ashlee Duffy, PhD, Education

Committee Members

Kristin Aliano, Office Associate II, Transplant Surgery
Christina Boje, APP, Transplant Surgery
Mark Carlson, MD, Professor, General Surgery
Val Danner, Senior Associate Patient Coordinator
Angela Hanna, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatric General Surgery
Brandon Harris, Office Associate II, Vascular Surgery
Meghana Kashyap, MD, General Surgery Resident
Alexandra Lane, Office Associate, General Surgery
Toni Laux, GME Educational Program Coordinator III
Jackie Nelson, Administrative Associate II, Department of Surgery
Neesha Patel, MD, General Surgery Resident
Jill Povondra, Administrative Research Coordinator, Transplant Surgery
Diane Treat, GME Educational Program Coordinator I, General Surgery
Sarah Trimm, Office Associate II, Surgical Oncology


💚 Green Light Items Approved


Dr. Shaw's Writing Clinic

Date/Time TBD


Prepare and send a Department of Surgery survey to gauge interest and collect social event ideas.


Walking Group

October/November Walk Schedule with Jackie Pavlik

  • 6:30 AM to 6:50 AM
  • 4:30 PM to 4:50 PM

    Meet Monday - Friday at C-Store located on 3rd Floor of University Tower. Will walk outside if weather permits. 

Create a town square/bulletin board on Teams/Sharepoint to easily share information such as:

  • Social calendar
  • Advice on questions about schools, sitters, handymen, etc.
Area to share interest or hobbies that other might be interested in (painting, woodworking, furniture refurbishing, etc.)
💚 Support recruitment efforts (residency and general hiring) by creating collective set of marketing materials to be use across all recruiting events.

Lunch Hour Sessions
Yoga, Meditation, Fitness Classes
Currently Seeking Leader


Small Group Lunch/Dinner
Currently Seeking Leader


Book Repository
An opportunity for faculty and staff to donate books to a DOS Library, where they can be checked out, and returned once finished.