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Shining a Spotlight on Dr. Analisa McMillan

Dr. Analisa McMillan

Academy Member Since 2016
Associate Director, Interprofessional Academy of Educators
Director, Educational Design and Development, College of Public Health

What do you do at UNMC?
I am the Director of Educational Design and Development for the College of Public Health. I work with faculty and staff to design, develop, and deliver courses and programs (online or in-person). I provide individual consultations and monthly teaching workshops on instructional design techniques, adult learning principles, creating engaging real-life learning experiences, teaching tips, and implementing innovative technology and LMS design into their courses and grant projects.

Tell us about your educational research interests and teaching role.
I teach mainly online, and my educational research focuses on online teaching and learning environments. This includes teaching presence and implementing research-based practices to create quality online learning environments and communities of learners. Right now, I teach two for-credit courses at UNMC: Integrating Technology into Health Professions Curriculum in the Health Professions Teaching and Technology master’s degree program (Graduate Studies/CAPH) and Public Health Teaching at Training for the COPH DrPH program. In addition, I teach a 4-week course, Teaching Online: Design, Development, and Presence non-credit course three times a year for faculty and staff, UNMC doctoral students, and UNMC post-docs.

What is one of your favorite/memorable teaching moments?
I enjoy it when my former students reach out to me to let me know they are still using or are now teaching/sharing what they learned in my class. When my students continue to share successes with me after the end of the semester, it helps me know that I made a lasting impact on my students.

Share a favorite Academy experience.
One of the most memorable experiences was to be an inaugural member of the IAE and attend the first induction ceremony in 2016. Being a member has led to many other amazing experiences, including engaging with other educators, special interests groups and learning from other members.

What do you enjoy doing in your free (non-work) time?
I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren Lincoln (7) and Nora (6 months) in my free time. Every time they learn or do something new, they remind me to enjoy and find the magic in the little things because they are just as important as the big ones!

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