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Join us in showcasing and celebrating educational innovations. 

Sponsored by the UNMC Interprofessional Academy of Educators, the Spotlight on Scholarship showcase invites educators to present their educational research. The event highlights a variety of health sciences education research and features both podium and poster presentations. 

The March 2024 event included 17 projects from more than 50 authors. View all the presentations.

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2023 Showcase: Hybrid Event

The 2023 Spotlight on Scholarship included a virtual poster session via Canvas, and then a live event (in person and via Zoom) featured three keynote presentations.

The winning project of the Outstanding Presentation Award was:

The winning project of the Outstanding Presentation by Emerging Scholar Winner was:

The winning project of the Audience Choice Award was:

2022 Showcase: Hybrid Event

The 2022 Spotlight on Scholarship included a virtual poster session via Canvas and a live event via Zoom included three featured presentations.

The winning project of the Outstanding Presentation Award was:

  • Effectiveness of a Hybrid Social Determinants of Health Experience
    Authors: Aleisha Nabower, Melanie Menning, Susan Evers, Nathaniel Goodrich, Jenenne Geske, Jennifer Liu, Neil Kalsi, Andrea Jones & Shirley Delair

The winning project of the Audience Choice Award was:

  • Teaching Physicists Effective Patient Communication through eLearning
    Authors: Megan Hyun, Abby Besemer, Kyle Gallagher, Sam Hendley, Diane Schott, Sarah Wisnoskie, Jeffrey Wong & Dandan Zheng
2019 Showcase

Clinical IPE in a Student-Run Free Clinic: The GOODLIFE Model
Authors: William Hay, T Lynne Barone, Samantha K. Ammons, Mary Ann Powell, Craig G. Hughes, Bao Tram Ngoc Huynh, Angela M. Brown, Joseph McGuire, Breanna Thompson, Alana Alexander, Elyssa Gray, Jay Irwin

Innovations in Addiction Training: Creating Competence While Decreasing Stigma
Author: Alena A. Balasanova

Effectiveness of Blended Learning for Resident Education in Neurology: Experience from Movement Disorder Course
Authors: Danish Bhatti, John Bertoni, Amy Hellman, Sachin Kedar, Diego Torres-Russotto

Teaching Pupillary Examination Using the Advanced Pupil Simulator
Authors: Sachin Kedar, Jideofor K. Ndulue, Deepta Ghate

3D Printed Phantom Chest with Contrast Improves Training for Cardiovascular Interventional Radiology Technologists
Authors: Lincoln M. Wong, Blair Kauzlarich, R. Gabe Linke

Human Connection as a Tool to Improve Medical Student Well-Being and Make Medical School "Worth It"
Authors: Kelly MacArthur, Jonathon Sikorski

Simulation to Improve Critical Care Fellows' Confidence in Intubation
Authors: Rorak Hooten, Tammy Wichman, Kelly Cawcutt, Craig Piquette

Balancing Act: College-Wide Implementation of Holistic Admissions
Authors: Sarah McBrien, Maggie Winnicki, Sara Bills, Greg Karst, Kyle Meyer

2018 Showcase

Platform Presentations

An Evaluation of the Impact and Usefulness of Student-Led Surgery Interest Group
Authors: Michael Otten, Laura Newton, Marissa Lobl, Mark Ringle, Abbey Fingeret

Intervention Fidelity in a Multi-Site Simulation Facilitation Study: Development of the SimFAC Model
Presenter: Beth Burbach

UNMC High School Alliance Immersion in Narrative and Lyric Medicine, Spring Semester, 2018: A Review
Presenter: Steve Langan (UNO)

Using Infographics and Ed. Tech in Inter-Departmental Education
Presenter: Walker Thomas

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