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Shining a Spotlight on Dr. Beth Culross

Beth Culross Headshot

Academy Member Since 2017
Associate Director, Interprofessional Academy of Educators
Director of Learning Resources Center, College of Nursing

What do you do at UNMC?
In the College of Nursing, I teach in the traditional BSN program and serve as the Director of the Learning Resource Center. I work with all 5 campuses of the CON to collaborate and share resources for simulation and skills training. I also serve as Associate Director of the IAE.

Tell us about your educational research interests and teaching role.
I am interested in how simulation and active learning increases student engagement and knowledge and skills development.

What is one of your favorite/memorable teaching moments?
When an alumni can to me a year or so after she graduated and said "I was not sure how some of what you taught me was important, but I sure get it now!"

What do you see as the biggest benefit to being a member of the IAE?
As a member of the IAE, I have been able to meet so many amazing educators on the UNMC campuses. Being able to look at more ideas for Interprofessional education and how others teach has ben a gift.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you "grew up" and why?
I wanted to be a veterinarian because I love animals. I worked as a veterinary technician before I became a nurse. The difference in patient populations is that people don't bite as often!

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