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University of Nebraska Medical Center

Nebraska Medicine Staff

When providing clinical care through Nebraska Medicine, our faculty members work closely with the skilled anesthesia nursing staff and advanced practice providers there. That staff includes certified registered nurse anesthetists, which are advanced practice nurses who hold doctoral or master's degrees specializing in the safe delivery of anesthesia for a variety of surgical procedures, medical procedures, and pain management.  

The Nebraska Medicine anesthesia staff also includes a team of advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants.


Tiffany Olson, CRNA, DNP, MBA, MSN

Chief, Division of Nurse Anesthesia

Tiffany Olson, headshot
Nicolas Stalnaker , CRNA, MSN

Associate Chief, Nurse Anesthesia

Nicolas Stalnaker, headshot

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Advanced Practice Providers

  • Miguel Artzner, APRN
  • Jill Bates, APRN
  • Holly Doerneman, PA
  • Lyndie Farr, APRN
  • Paul Foreman, APRN
  • Gina Hall, APRN
  • Tiffany Hillyard, APRN
  • Tyler Hoffmann, APRN
  • Cari Iqbal, APRN
  • Vickie Lambert, APRN
  • Kerry Mancuso, APRN
  • Christa Nelson, PA
  • Olga Patkovsky, APRN-NP
  • Jed Sanders, APRN
  • Lea Sommer, PA
  • Jill Strahm, APRN
  • Stefanie Till, APRN
  • Steven Weiss