University of Nebraska Medical Center

DEI in our Curriculum

The focus of our medical education is to prepare equity-minded health professionals. Our commitment to health equity can improve patient outcomes.

DEI content is intentionally integrated into our curriculum to ensure that our students are aware of how social and systemic determinants of health impact the individuals we serve, and the populations from which they come.

Phase One: Foundations of Medicine

Understand the principles of health equity, social determinants of health and other DEI fundamentals:

  • UNMC hosts small group activities highlighting the basics of diversity, equity and inclusion during New Student Orientation and Intersession Days.
  • DEI concepts are integrated into each organ systems Block curriculum and Health Systems Science coil, and Problem-based Learning activities.

Phase Two: Clinical Applications

Apply DEI knowledge and skills learned to patient care:

  • Acute Care & Clinical Transitions include instruction on cultural competence in action.
  • DEI small group activities during intersession days.
  • DEI principles are integrated into Clerkship curriculum and objectives. 

Phase Three: Career Preparation

Actively identify social determinants of health, disparities, and approaches to advocacy:

  • Students experience a Curriculum Enhancement Rotatation on social determinants of health.
  • All students complete the Residency Preparation Course, which includes DEI-related topics.
  • DEI is integrated into Clinical Speciality Track objectives and assessments.