Teledentistry Program


UNMC College of Dentistry Teledentistry Program

The UNMC College of Dentistry is part of the Nebraska Telehealth Network and has utilized telehealth since 2001.

UNMC College of Dentistry pediatric dental residents and faculty utilize telehealth to serve as a resource for school health professionals serving at-risk children within the Omaha Public School system. Telehealth consultations have provided referrals for dental emergencies, helped minimize emergency room visits and provided an opportunity to bring oral health training to school-based health providers.

Most telehealth cases involve the student coming to the school health professional complaining of a toothache. Over 70% of the children that receive telehealth services are deemed to need urgent dental care. Current teledentistry sites in Omaha are:

There are also teledentistry sites within Lincoln Public Schools.