About Our Research

Research is an integral part of the College of Dentistry's mission. Faculty, students and staff members are actively engaged in the College's oral health research projects.

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College of Dentistry Research Fast Facts

2022-2023 Academic Year

College of Dentistry Research Focuses


Biomaterials Research

Biomaterials research is one of the fastest growing areas at the College. Research focuses are facial prosthetic materials, biomechanics, mechanical physical properties, facial prosthetic materials, and biological evaluation of materials. 

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Bioregulation Research

Bioregulation research involves understanding and manipulating the immune system, inflammation, and bone physiology to lead to more effective treatment of numerous conditions.

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Oral Cancer Research

Oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer worldwide. The prognosis of oral cancer remains relatively poor, calling for a better understanding of how treatments work and developing more effective treatment options.

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Research Centers & Consortiums


Cruzan Center for Dental Research

The center was established to conduct well-designed clinical trials and clinical studies and receives funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), private foundations and industry. The center was made possible due to the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Winston V. Cruzan.

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Oral Mucosal Immunity Consortium (OMIC)

The OMIC represents a multi-center collaboration of clinical and basic science researchers with a goal of sharing knowledge and ideas to better understand how the oral mucosal systems function when healthy and in the presence of disease.

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Student Research Program


Students lead cutting-edge research projects with guidance from faculty, gaining insight into how they can help shape the future the oral health. They present their research findings at the annual College of Dentistry Research Day and at national conferences and meetings.

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