Faculty & Staff

 IT Tutorials

 Remote Resource Access


- Instructor guide, adding module items, publishing or unpublishing modules
- Copy video to other course

- Mobile enrollment

- Adjusting questions and answer keys
- Create a new assessment
- Create a new question group
- Download individual student test responses
- Including academic misconduct statement
- Testing from home considerations

- Opening shared files/folders
- Sharing files/folders
- Uploading and opening files

- Joining Zoom
- Scheduling Zoom meetings through Canvas
- Disable participant annotations
- Logging in 
- Recording Zoom meetings
- Uploading Zoom recordings to Canvas
- Zoom troubleshooting tips
- Enabling breakout rooms
- Managing breakout rooms
- Editing a Zoom meeting to add a password
- Polling - enabling, creating, downloading results
- Recording breakout rooms and polling

DUO Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) increases safety and security by ensuring UNMC Students, Faculty, and Staff authenticate themselves before being granted access to certain resources. This is required for any remote access. 

Intelligent Hub Mobile Device Management (MDM): Grants access to use specified iOS/Android apps and organizational (internal) resources on Smartphones & Tablets such as Outlook Mail. Allows UNMC & Nebraska Medicine IT administrators to control, secure and enforce policies on Smartphones, Tablets and other endpoints. INSTRUCTIONS: iOS devicesAndroid devices