Faculty & Staff

 IT Tutorials

 Remote Resource Access


- Instructor guide, adding module items, publishing or unpublishing modules
- Copy video to other course

- Mobile enrollment

- Adjusting questions and answer keys
- Create a new assessment
- Create a new question group
- Download individual student test responses
- Including academic misconduct statement
- Testing from home considerations

- Opening shared files/folders
- Sharing files/folders
- Uploading and opening files

- Joining Zoom
- Course scheduling
- Disable participant annotations
- Logging in 
- Recording Zoom meetings
- Uploading Zoom recordings to Canvas
- Posting a Zoom link to Canvas
- Zoom troubleshooting tips
- Enabling breakout rooms
- Managing breakout rooms
- Editing a Zoom meeting to add a password
- Polling - enabling, creating, downloading results
- Recording breakout rooms and polling

DUO Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) increases safety and security by ensuring UNMC Students, Faculty, and Staff authenticate themselves before being granted access to certain resources. This is required for any remote access. 

- Intelligent Hub Mobile Device Management (MDM): Grants access to use specified iOS/Android apps and organizational (internal) resources on Smartphones & Tablets such as Outlook Mail. Allows UNMC & Nebraska Medicine IT administrators to control, secure and enforce policies on Smartphones, Tablets and other endpoints. INSTRUCTIONS: iOS devicesAndroid devices 

- Global Protect Virtual Private Network (VPN): Allows off campus access to UNMC & Nebraska Medicine resources such as a work computer, clinic applications from a UNMC server (CODVDI) or network shared drives. INSTRUCTIONS: Connect to your work computer or remote applications from Windows Device or MacOS Device