Student Research Day

UNMC College of Dentistry Research Day & 56th Annual Frank M. Wentz Student Scientific Program

Held on February 24, 2023

See 2023 Research Day Program - includes presenters and abstracts.

2023 Winners


1st Place
Xin Li
"Targeting Aurora kinases to overcome cisplatin resistance in oral squamous cell carcinoma"
Collaborators: Zhigang Wang, Ling Wang and Dr. Aimin Peng 

2nd Place
Dr. Allie Koth
"Artifacts Generated by Pediatric Stainless Steel and Zirconia Crowns on CBCT Imaging: An In Vitro Study"
Collaborators: Landon Koth, Kaeli Samson, Dr. Claire Koukol, Dr. Sung Kim

3rd Place
Abhishikt David Solomon
"Gamma-tubulin is Required for DNA Repair"
Collaborator: Dr. Aimin Peng


1st Place
Kawthar Sami & Savannah Kobza
"How ABHD17b alters junction assembly and cell migration: an in-vitro study"
Faculty mentor: Dr. James Wahl III 

2nd Place
Vicky Bongomin & Brandon Tong
"In-vitro study Comparing the Whitening Effects of Charcoal Infused Toothbrush with Charcoal Dentifrice vs. Nylon Toothbrush with Charcoal Dentifrice"
Faculty mentor: Dr. Dona McCanlies

3rd Place
Emily Klosterman & Hannah Nemec
"Relative Effectiveness of Whitening Dentifrices Containing Different Abrasive Ingredients in Conjunction with Electric and Manual Toothbrushes"
Faculty mentor: Todd Junge


1st Place
Katie Whittaker & Katie Spencer
"Influence of endocrown material on the fracture resistance of maxillary canines"
Faculty mentor: Dr. Amanda Wobido
Collaborators: Drs. Gregory Bennett, Renato Roperto and Amanda Wobido

2nd Place
Jonathan Martino & Samuel Reimer
"Utilization of Polycaprolactone as an Alternative to Traditional Light-Cured Methyl Methacrylate for Custom Tray Fabrication"
Faculty mentor: Dr. Mark Beatty
Collaborator: Bobby Simetich

3rd Place
Tia DiGiovanni & Jace Hanisch
"Effect of wall thickness of 3D-printed models on resisting deformation from thermal forming In-Office Aligners"
Faculty mentor: Dr. Gregory Bennett


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International College of Dentists
Nebraska Dental Hygienists Association
Sigma Phi Alpha-Alpha Lambda Chapter, The National Dental Hygiene Honor Society