Student Research Day


UNMC College of Dentistry Virtual Research Day

Friday, February 25, 2022

55th Annual Frank M. Wentz Student Scientific Program & Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Ebersole

Download the 2022 Research Day Program, which includes the presentation abstracts.

2022 Research Day Award Winners


First Place
Heath Ketteler & Isaac Langan
Printer Variability and the Impact on Resin Physical Properties, An In Vitro Study
Mentor: Dr. Gregory Bennett

Second Place
Erin Farnham & Kirstan Hyser
The Role of DHHC13 in Desmosome Function and Its Effects on Cellular Adhesion
Mentor: Dr. James K Wahl III

Third Place
McCamey McKinley & Katelyn Smith
Dental Student Understanding of Medicaid at UNMC College of Dentistry
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Lowman


First Place
Jesi Adams & Kayla Bush
In Vitro Study Comparing the Effects of Chlorhexidine and Stellalife & VEGA Oral Care Rinse on S. mutans and S. salivrius
Mentor: Lisa Moravec

Second Place
Kateralnada Mahdi & Brooke Lawson
Tooth Loss in Correlation with Neurodegenerative Disease: A Retrospective Study
Mentor: Dr. Shayla Yoachim

Third Place
Taylor Newell & Lexi Pettit
Teeth Whitening: An In Vitro Study Comparing Professional-Grade and Store-Bought Whitening Strips
Mentor: Dr. William Johnson


First Place
Dr. Grace Moore
The Effect of Interproximal Home Regimens on Inflammatory Biomarkers in Periodontal Maintenance Patients
Mentor: Dr. Richard A. Reinhardt

Second Place
Drs. Arif Karim & Timothy Jernberg
Interleukin-6 Levels are Elevated in Saliva of Patients with Endodontic Disease
Mentor: Dr. Thomas Petro

Third Place
Drs. Jordan Castillo & Eric Phan
Formocresol Pulpotomy vs.Vitrebond Indirect Pulp Therapy: A 5-year Retrospective Study on Dental Rehabilitation Cases Completed Under General Anesthesia
Mentor: Dr. Bryan Skar

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