Student Research Day


UNMC College of Dentistry Virtual Research Day

Friday, February 25, 2022

55th Annual Frank M. Wentz Student Scientific Program & Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Ebersole

Download the 2022 Research Day Program, which includes the presentation abstracts.

2022 Research Day Award Winners


First Place
Heath Ketteler & Isaac Langan
Printer Variability and the Impact on Resin Physical Properties, An In Vitro Study
Mentor: Dr. Gregory Bennett

Second Place
Erin Farnham & Kirstan Hyser
The Role of DHHC13 in Desmosome Function and Its Effects on Cellular Adhesion
Mentor: Dr. James K Wahl III

Third Place
McCamey McKinley & Katelyn Smith
Dental Student Understanding of Medicaid at UNMC College of Dentistry
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Lowman


First Place
Jesi Adams & Kayla Bush
In Vitro Study Comparing the Effects of Chlorhexidine and Stellalife & VEGA Oral Care Rinse on S. mutans and S. salivrius
Mentor: Lisa Moravec

Second Place
Kateralnada Mahdi & Brooke Lawson
Tooth Loss in Correlation with Neurodegenerative Disease: A Retrospective Study
Mentor: Dr. Shayla Yoachim

Third Place
Taylor Newell & Lexi Pettit
Teeth Whitening: An In Vitro Study Comparing Professional-Grade and Store-Bought Whitening Strips
Mentor: Dr. William Johnson


First Place
Dr. Grace Moore
The Effect of Interproximal Home Regimens on Inflammatory Biomarkers in Periodontal Maintenance Patients
Mentor: Dr. Richard A. Reinhardt

Second Place
Drs. Arif Karim & Timothy Jernberg
Interleukin-6 Levels are Elevated in Saliva of Patients with Endodontic Disease
Mentor: Dr. Thomas Petro

Third Place
Drs. Jordan Castillo & Eric Phan
Formocresol Pulpotomy vs.Vitrebond Indirect Pulp Therapy: A 5-year Retrospective Study on Dental Rehabilitation Cases Completed Under General Anesthesia
Mentor: Dr. Bryan Skar

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About the Keynote Speaker

jeffrey_ebersole_2020_close.jpgDr. Jeffrey Ebersole has been a professor and the associate dean for research at the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine since 2017. He received the IADR award for basic oral science research in 1983, the IADR award for basic research in periodontal disease in 2000, and he served as the president of the American Association for Dental Research from 2011-2012. Dr. Ebersole directed a major COBRE grant from the NIH supporting the Center for the Biologic Basis of Oral/Systemic Diseases at the Univeristy of Kentucky. His CV contains over 300 publications, reviews and book chapters in the microbiology and immunology of oral diseases.