University of Nebraska Medical Center

Student Interest Groups

Dr. Wysong and Marissa Lobl

One of the unique aspects of UNMC Department of Dermatology is we attract a group of passionate students with diverse experiences and interests to add to the culture. We have student lead interest groups like our Dermatology Interest Group (DIGA)Skin Smart Campus or our new Sun Protection Outreach by Students (SPOTS) program and DIGA DEI Committee. These groups offer many exciting and fun opportunities to develop personal and professional leadership skills and interaction within the community.

With the generous partnership with the Women’s Dermatologic Society (WDS) medical students can educate various groups about sun damage and ways to prevent skin cancer while handing out sunscreen samples and sun exposure bracelets. These groups attend community events throughout Omaha and surrounding communities teaching classes and webinars at Girls, Inc., Open Door Mission, Women's Center for Advancement and College World Series to name a few.

Dermatology Interest Group (DIGA)
The Dermatology Interest Group (DIGA) aims to educate medical students about dermatology. The goals of the group are to expose medical students to the field, to help students make connections with faculty members in the department, and to raise awareness of dermatologic issues.
Sun Protection Outreach Teaching by Students (SPOTS)

Sun Protection Outreach Teaching by Students (SPOTS) represent the first educational community outreach program designed to teach teens and school-aged children about the importance of early detection and prevention of skin cancer. Volunteer medical students visit local schools to instruct students about sun safe habits, avoiding artificial tanning beds as well as skin cancer detection and prevention.