University of Nebraska Medical Center

Author: Peggy Moore

Kidney Tumors

In this E-module, 10 cases are used to illustrate some of the different pathologies of kidney tumors. This module is designed for M2 students and Pathology residents.

Aug 26, 2020

Interprofessional Evaluation and Management of Dysphagia

Dysphagia is defined as difficulty swallowing safely or efficiently to meet nutrition and hydration needs. It can result from problems in the neurological system as well as structures within the oral cavity,pharynx, esophagus, or gastroesophageal junction. While dysphagia can affect individuals of all ages, it most often presents among the elderly and in persons with […]

Aug 24, 2020

swallowing anatomy

Bone Growth and Clinical Application to Dentistry

This module introduces the mechanisms of bone growth and corresponding clinical relevance to dentistry. 

Aug 18, 2020