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Category: Patient Assessment

Hepatitis B Virus and Interpretation of Serology in Clinical Course

This module seeks to help students identify epidemiological risk factors for transmission of the Hepatitis B Virus, recognize signs and symptoms of infection, and lastly, distinguish serological patterns that arise during the disease course

Apr 5, 2024

Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing Guide: The Right Test for The Right Patient At The Right Time

This module is designed to introduce student providers to the most common sexually transmitted infections (STI) in the region and indications for screening/testing. Careful consideration of patient history, current symptoms, and local STI rates will allow the student to select efficient laboratory testing to reduce time to treatment and unnecessary testing. This module will provide […]

Apr 5, 2024

Let’s Talk About Sex (And Gender)!

As a future health professional, you will encounter clients with diverse sexual and gender backgrounds. It is important for you to have the basic knowledge to be able to interact with and provide culturally appropriate care for these individuals. This module will help you learn the basics in sex and gender diversity. 

Apr 4, 2024

Standardized Telehealth Workflow Design for the Primary Care Setting

This project uses a workflow design tool to emphasize patient, office staff/nurse/telehealth coordinator and provider roles and scope of practice as part of quality care for virtual care delivery and telehealth. It facilitates advanced practice providers and other professionals in the details of telehealth roles and responsibilities and is essential in the telehealth learner tool […]

Apr 3, 2024

Sensorimotor Examination of a Neurologically Involved Patient

The sensorimotor portion of a neurologic examination can provide valuable information about your patient, what is affecting how they move, and their ability to perform all of their activities of daily living (ADLs). This information helps guide which special tests you choose to perform in your examination and your selection of interventions. 

Sep 20, 2023

Reality of Social Determinants of Health: Mateo

In 2019, Nemours Children’s Health conducted a revealing survey involving over 1,000 parents of children under 18. The findings underscored that 32% missed their child’s appointments due to financial or logistical issues, and 23% feared running out of food before they could afford more. This instructive learning module and virtual environment is based on the […]

Aug 2, 2023