BarksdaleThe department of emergency medicine has made significant strides in our research mission over the past five years.  We have been involved in over a dozen multi-center clinical trials and have received numerous grants, totaling over 4.6 million dollars in funded research.  Two of these were educational awards that resulted in several of our faculty and residents traveling multiple times to Vietnam (5) and Japan (4).  Additional research collaborations include our participation as members of SIREN (Strategies to Innovate EmeRgENcy Care Clinical Trials Network) and PCORI GPC (Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute funded Greater Plains Collaborative).  SIREN is a NINDS and NHI funded research network, in which we are currently active in two trials and anticipate several more over the next couple of years.  Dr. Jim McClay continues to serve as our principle investigator for PCORI and his team helped develop the standardized enterprise wide research data system that collaborates with nine other institutions.  Dr. Yulong Li leads our basic science research with his own lab and a team consisting of five other individuals.  Their impressive efforts continue to receive NIH funded awards year after year.  Even more exciting, we have collaborated some of our clinical interests with their bench science expertise, resulting in several recent publications.  In January of 2020 we secured a statistician (Elizabeth Lyden, MS) dedicated to our department, which is another research milestone we had been striving to achieve.  Liz has been instrumental in improving the quality and efficiency in completion of our investigator initiated studies.  In August of 2020, we hired Brooklin Zimmerman as our first full time research coordinator dedicated to the department of emergency medicine.  Brooklin has been a fantastic addition to our department and been instrumental in our continued success in clinical trials.


 We are very pleased with the progress we have made, but my proudest departmental accomplishment is the clearly evident improvement in the quality of our resident research.  Since 2017, we have had 26 of our resident’s projects accepted and presented on a national platform, including SAEM (Society of Academic Emergency Medicine), ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians),  and CORD-EM (Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine).  Our faculty have provided excellent mentorship, and along with our support personnel, we are able to guide our residents through each step of the process in completing a successful and worthy research project.


As a potential resident or new faculty member, I invite you to join us during this exciting time and help contribute to the scientific advancement in our field of emergency medicine.


Aaron Barksdale MD, FACEP

Associate Professor

Vice Chair of Research