About the Department

The Department of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery was founded in 1968 to provide specialty ear, nose, and throat care and training.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive, high quality, efficient and patient-friendly healthcare in all areas of ear, nose and throat medicine. To train medical students, residents, fellows, postgraduate physicians and laypersons...
...so that each at his or her own level, will understand the most up-to-date etiologies and therapies relevant to our field.

We pledge to accomplish this mission ethically, with recognition of the value of the individual and the importance of one’s quality of life.

Our Vision

Through high-quality research and scholarship, we will be able to deliver world-class medical care while simultaneously creating an environment where students can learn the most advanced methods and ideas in our field.

We aim to be recognized, nationally and internationally, as respected and utilized leaders, while maintaining and expanding our integral and vital service to the local community