About the Department

The Department of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery was founded in 1968 to provide specialty ear, nose, and throat care and training.

Our Mission

Patient Care: To provide comprehensive, extraordinary, evidence-based health care in all facets of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. We will continue to provide exceptional talent in the areas of clinical practice and research a priority. As leaders in our specialty, we must provide the most up-to-date and innovative treatments ensuring the best outcomes for our patients.  Timely access, timely treatment, and a patient-focused experience are fundamental to our cause.

Training: To train medical students, residents, and fellows through an outstanding curriculum with a vigorous clinical and surgical experience.  To produce well-rounded, ethical, outstanding physicians who go on to make enormous positive impacts on both the lives of their patients, their communities, and the specialty itself. We strive to conduct research with our trainees in a way that answers critical questions and fosters ideas and skills that encourage future endeavors both inside and outside of training.

Research: Our legacy will be one of practical and translatable work that improves the lives of our patients. We aim to foster fresh ideas to address health care disparities in Otolaryngology and leverage strategic partnerships in the innovation and design space. We will apply technological advances to enhance the delivery of healthcare to patients and the training of our future physicians. 

Service:  To serve the local community, Nebraska and across the Midwest by our excellent patient care, access for patients and providers alike, and by training future Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgeons who will contribute greatly to their respective communities.  We will improve the local and regional community through outreach and collaboration with organizations within and without outside Nebraska Medicine.

Our Vision

Through high-quality research and scholarship, we will be able to deliver world-class medical care while simultaneously creating an environment where trainees can learn the most advanced methods and ideas in Otolaryngology.  Our department aims to be recognized, nationally and internationally, as respected and utilized leaders in our field, while maintaining and expanding our integral and vital services to the local community.