Patient Care

The Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery was founded in 1968 to provide specialty Ear, Nose and Throat care and training. The Medical Specialty of Otolaryingology is involved in diagnosis and treatment of diseases, infections and tumors of the ears, nose, throat, mouth, head and neck. Our department is also involved in evaluation and treatment of lacerations, fractures, congenital abnormalities - including cleft lip and palate, self-inflicted wounds, cosmetic deformities, allergies, problems involving voice, balance, and hearing loss. Between clinics we are busy fitting and supplying hearing aids, dental bridges, dental implants, dentures, oral and facial prosthetics and anaplastology - restoration of absent or malformed body parts through prosthetics. Our physicians specialize in surgical care including tonsillectomies, ear tubes, cochlear implants, nasal and sinus surgery, surgery of the larynx, reconstruction of the ear drum and hearing, thyroid, parotid, vocal cord lesions, larynx lesions, mouth cancer (jaw, tongue, palate, floor of mouth, lips, etc.), cancer of the sinuses, eyes, nose, ears, or face, neck dissection involving lymph node cancer and dental oncology.