About the Department

Michael Sitorius, MDThe Family Medicine Department at the University of Nebraska Medical Center is made up of many parts. We train residents to become family physicians, and we teach principles of primary care medicine to medical students in the College of Medicine. Faculty and staff also provide high quality medical care to thousands of patients seen in our outpatient clinics and University Hospital.

As part of our mission at the Medical Center, we are committed to helping our residents become well-rounded family physicians who will be able to deliver a baby, treat an elderly woman for urinary incontinence, or work with a family whose lives have been disrupted by a family member's disease. Members of our Department also are engaged in research in such areas as diabetes, rural health, and advance medical directives.

To accomplish our goals in Family Medicine, we depend on everyone in the Department, whether it be the billing clerk who finds a more efficient billing method, the attending physician who oversees the resident suturing a laceration, or the volunteer faculty member who spends an afternoon supervising a student. The successes that we have known over the years have come about largely because of contributions by many people, rather than any major contribution by a single individual.

This Web site provides a glimpse of some of the programs and people that compose the Family Medicine Department at UNMC. In so doing, it also reflects both past successes and many of our hopes for the future.

Michael Sitorius, MD