University of Nebraska Medical Center

Community-Based Experiential Training Core Topic Resources

AHEC supports community-based experiential training in rural and underserved areas through field placements and clinical rotations for health professions students. AHEC centers connect students to team-based educational and training activities.

Additionally, AHECs provide information about the community and connections to partners within the community to health professions students. As well as, assist in arranging community-based service learning opportunities such as speaking to high school health career groups, undergraduate pre-health student groups, and community groups. Contact your regional AHEC Center to learn more.

We recognize that students' schedules are full while completing clinical rotations, especially those in rural and underserved areas; however, we hope to provide a platform that provides enhanced information for students around the five topic areas below. We have selected several video resources that are not intended to be time-intensive or all-inclusive, but to provide students with an introduction or more in-depth understanding of areas that impact the health of individuals and populations.