University of Nebraska Medical Center

Pre-Departure and Travel Support

Travel Warnings, Timelines and Preparations

Our office will help you stay on track on preparing for travel, arranging for financial aid and scholarships, and purchasing required travel insurance.

Of important note is the University of Nebraska Policy on Higher Risk University-Sponsored International Travel, which requires prior approval for international travel to higher risk locations (as identified by the CDC and U.S. Department of State travel notices and advisories). Students will be notified if their destination is considered higher risk and additional information is needed.

All UNMC student travelers are asked to carefully consider health, safety, and security issues related to their international travel plans prior to departure. The U.S. Department of State and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are two key public resources available to help travelers understand and assess relative risks abroad. The University of Nebraska also provides a risk-assessment platform by country.

All students going abroad under the auspices of UNMC must contact our office to register the planned trip, provide contact information, and sign a waiver of liability form prior to departure. 

Please review the U.S. State Department's website on Studying Abroad.  

Timeline for Global Health Electives

Follow these steps to ensure you are ready for departure, including: Elective approval, passports, immunizations, financial aid, federal travel requirements and travel insurance.

Four-to-Six Months Ahead
  • Contact your program administrator and our office for elective approval.
  • Upon elective approval, a $100 program fee is due, payable to UNMC.
  • Consider applying for UNMC scholarships: The Suzanne and Ward Chambers global health fellowship, and the WHO student fund for GOARN internship.
Three Months or More Ahead
  • Apply for a passport at full-service post office or online.
One Month or More Before
  • Complete the Financial Aid Form, if needed, and submit to our office. Follow these guidelines.
  • Meet with a travel specialist for immunizations as required or directed by the CDC guidelines. Vaccines may be available at: Dundee Travel Clinic, 402-717-0785; IDeas Travel Clinic, 402-758-5240; Vaccine & Safe Travel Clinic, 402-595-3939; Omaha Travel Clinic, 402-934-6506; Passport Health, 402-609-5786; Kohll’s Pharmacy, 402-393-1404.
At Least Two Weeks Ahead
  • Register your trip with the US Department of State STEP Program.
  • Complete the Contact Information and Liability Waiver.
  • Purchase travel insurance. UNMC students, including student employees and graduate assistants, who are involved in university-sponsored travel must contact UNMC Education Abroad before their departure to purchase travel insurance. The cost of coverage is $1.50/day for international travel and $0.68/day for Hawaii/Alaska travel. The student can also purchase coverage at the same rates for any travel companions sharing the same accommodations and for personal travel added to their university trip. Personal travel to Hawaii and Alaska is limited to 30 days. Visit the University of Nebraska travel website for more information and resources.