University of Nebraska Medical Center

A Message from Leadership

Jane Meza, PhD, associate vice chancellor for global engagement

UNMC's geographic reach and aspirations must be global.

Achieving global impact and working both internationally and with international colleagues are essential to achieving our mission. I believe it is imperative to engage UNMC's constituents in determining the why, what, where, and how of global engagement.

Global engagement means internationalizing learning in and outside of the classroom, student mobility, faculty global engagement, and global partnerships. It's about productive collaborations with universities, governmental agencies, businesses, communities, and individual stakeholders. These relationships are grounded in mutuality, trust, feasibility, and sustainability. 

It is especially important to reaffirm this principle of global engagement today, when barriers to the kind of progress we envision and to which we seek to contribute may be building around the world. Uncertainty is the new norm, and the ability to navigate our complex world and workplaces is essential to today's graduates. They can enhance their prospects for thriving both as global citizens and as professionals by globalizing their education.

Global awareness and global competence are essential skills in today's interconnected world. An enhanced global strategic vision will position us well to address complex issues of our time and engage in meaningful and impactful partnerships. The Office of Global Engagement aims to create resources that offer opportunities for faculty, staff and students to embrace global perspectives.

As we look ahead, our office is delighted to continue to serve the campus with an innovative outlook and unified set of skills for global partnerships, programs and services. Thank you for your support in furthering global engagement at UNMC.