Health Insurance

All international visitors must purchase health insurance for the duration of their stay at UNMC.  You are required to purchase a policy for at least $100,000 USD Maximum Limit with a Deductible of no more than $500 USD.  This is acceptable coverage at an affordable price.  You can select a policy with a higher Maximum Limit and/or a lower Deductible if you desire, but the cost of the policy will increase.  

The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) recommends using this website to purchase your health insurance policy.  You can read the insurance plan description here.  

You will enter some basic biographical information to see your plan options and pricing.  The policy in green is the recommended policy.  The policies in red are also acceptable and provide more coverage but will be more expensive.  The policies with the black "X" are not acceptable as they do not provide enough coverage.  

For example: (you may see options like this)


To pay for MedEvac Only for J-1 Scholars Covered by UNMC Health Insurance

Use this link to purchase your Medevac insurance; select YES for the Scholastic Plan and apply for coverage.