University of Nebraska Medical Center

Health Insurance

All international visitors must purchase health insurance for the duration of their stay at UNMC.

A policy is required providing at least a $100,000 USD maximum limit with a deductible of no more than $500 USD.  You can select a policy with a higher maximum limit and lower deductible, but the cost of the policy will increase.

J-1 scholars who are covered by UNMC health insurance may pay for MedEvac-only coverage. Purchase Medevac insurance; select YES for the Scholastic Plan and apply for coverage.

When purchasing a full health insurance policy, our office recommends this website. Read the insurance plan description. When purchasing the policy, you might see these example options:

This screenshot of an example website for purchasing health insurance for international visitors indicates recommended policies in green, and acceptable but more expensive policies in red. Plans that are not acceptable are marked with a black X and do not provide the required amount of coverage.